Transportation of Dangerous Goods changes coming in Canada

Tue, 09/03/2019 - 14:31

The Automotive Industries Association of Canada is advising that planned changes to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations could have an impact on aftermarket organizations doing business in Canada, particularly on the training front.There are planned and potential changes to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations. Importantly, there is a proposed amendment planned for Part 6 of the Regulations related to training.The Canadian General Standard Board (CGSB) has released the first draft of the new National Standard of Canada CAN/CGSB-192.3 entitled Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training, Assessment and Competency.Once the Standard is finalized and published, the CGSB will propose an amendment to Part 6 (training) of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations, which would allow the Standard to be incorporated by reference.Statement from Transportation Canada about proposed changes to the Training regulationSEE: