Statistics for the New Chemicals Review Program under TSCA

Fri, 08/02/2019 - 10:36

Statistics under Amended TSCASince the law’s passage, EPA has completed determinations on 2,217 new chemical cases*. Details on the Agency’s determinations are displayed in the tables below.EPA will continue to add new content on a regular basis to provide more transparency to the review process for all stakeholders and to allow submitters to readily determine the disposition of their cases. EPA is committed to working with PMN submitters to provide more certainty in the review process and to complete the chemical review process.*Includes PMN/SNUN/MCAN cases, exemption cases, and withdrawals.

Cases under Review by EPAThere are 443 PMN/SNUN/MCAN cases in the chemical review process; of these, approximately 26 cases are in the risk assessment phase, 174 cases are in the risk characterization phase, 157 cases are awaiting additional information from the submitter, 65 cases are in the regulatory decision and action development stage, and 21 cases are awaiting the submitter signature for an Order.SEE: