Stamps and Seals

Embossing Seals and Stamps for the CHMM and CHMP Credentials.

You've earned the Title!

The Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) or a Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner (CHMP) designation indicates you meet the standards of certification based on your education and practical experience. You’ve earned the title and the right to use your professional designation, and you should use it with pride, knowing that you have what it takes and are recognized for your knowledge and abilities.

As tools of the profession, the stamp and seal are available to certified individuals in good standing with IHMM, and can be used on any preliminary, draft or final documents which have been prepared by you or under your immediate supervision. Both are quality assurance symbols, indicative that the work has been completed by a responsible and accountable professional. You should affix your stamp or seal to documents, subject to any legal or other limitations.

Authenticate Your Work!

Stamps and SealsSign, stamp, and seal your documents to authenticate that they were produced by a certified professional who meets stringent global standards, and possesses specialized education, expertise, and experience in hazardous materials management. Also, use your credential designation after your name on stationery, in references to yourself in technical documents, papers and articles, and with your signature.

Using your professional seal or stamp provides the enhanced recognition that you deserve, brings awareness to your credential, and ensures others in your competency, your professionalism, and your currency with the appropriate laws and regulations.

Three easy steps to order your official CHMM Stamp and Seal:

          1. Go here to login to your IHMM record.

Please contact us at, or 301-984-8969, ext. 12, if you have any questions or need assistance with placing your order.

Order your Official Stamp and Seal today!
Self-Inking stamp - $85.00
Embossing seal - $75.00
Hand stamp - $45.00

Please note: The expiration date on the Embossing Seal and Stamp will correspond to the expiration date on your CHMM or CHMP certificate.