Recertification Status Definitions

Approve: If the application demonstrates sufficient points to meet the standard, based on acceptable claims, if all fees have been paid, and if there are no reasons to withhold or delay recertification, the application shall be approved for recertification. Upon approval of the application, the CHMM will receive a letter of approval, and a new certificate, which shows the certification date, ID number, and new expiration date.

Reject:  If an application is submitted with less than the required number of CMPs, or if claims listed in the application were found to be inappropriate for recertification purposes and therefore resulted in a total less than the required number of CMPs, the CHMM is notified by email with a request that additional information be added to his online submission (“Edit” the form) within a 2-3 week period.  Once the additional information is added, the Recertification Manager would re-evaluate the form and a final review would be made.

Denial: If there are insufficient points demonstrated, the CHMM shall be contacted with an explanation of the deficiencies, and shall have 30 days to respond. If the CHMM remains unqualified for recertification, he or she shall be so notified in writing by certified mail. The notice shall include the reason for denial, the procedures for appeal, and information about retaking the certification examination.

Audit: CHMMs who are selected for audit will be notified after receipt of their application and will be required to submit full documentation for all claimed activities. CHMMs that are not selected for an audit will not be required to submit full documentation, but should maintain copies of all supporting documentation for a period of five (5) years after the submission of their application for recertification. IHMM reserves the right to request documentation form any applicant for recertification.

Re-taking the CHMM exam in lieu of submission: A CHMM who cannot (or chooses not to) meet the recertification requirements through submission of documentation may recertify by passing the CHMM examination. Payment of the examination fee is required. Please contact us if you wish to pursue this alternative.

Certificants who are unable to meet the recertification requirements may elect to take the CHMM examination recertify. The $360 examination fee must be submitted to the IHMM office by your submission deadline date.

Appeals: The CHMM may appeal a negative decision to the Executive Director of the Institute. The appeal must be submitted within 60 days after the date on which the revocation notification.

Inactive Status: Upon written request to the IHMM Certification Director, a certificant who is unable to remain active in the profession due to circumstances beyond his or her control (e.g., medical disability, military assignment, etc.) may be granted inactive status for up to three years, during which time all payment and recertification requirements shall be waived. During the period of inactivity, the individual shall not use the "CHMM" or "CHMP" designation, which implies active status, but may use "CHMM/CHMP (Inactive)."

Upon reactivation, the individual's status picks up at the point where it left off. If an inactive certificant is unable to return to active status after this three-year period, the credential will be deemed revoked. An individual whose credential has been revoked under this rule shall be required to apply for and take the certification examination anew in order to regain his or her credential.

Retiree Status: The IHMM Board of Directors established the CHMM (Ret.) category with the intent of providing a mechanism for continued identification of CHMMs once they have retired from professional hazardous materials management practice, with the understanding that those so designated will not use the CHMM (Ret.) designation for any professional practice or work for compensation that implies current competency in hazardous materials management.

A CHMM who is no longer active in the field of hazardous materials management may apply for designation as a CHMM (Ret.). In order to qualify, the CHMM must be in good standing and must have been recertified at least once before applying for CHMM (Ret.) status. The CHMM (Ret.) designation may be used on personal stationery and personal cards, but not on business cards or stationery and not for commercial purposes. It shall be considered unethical conduct for a retired certificant to use the designation "CHMM" after acquiring Retired status, or to use the "CHMM (Ret.)" designation while continuing to practice. Any violation of these restrictions would make the individual's CHMM (Ret.) designation subject to revocation.