IHMM Today

The Importance of Logging Into Your Account

Your candidate record contains valuable information such as application forms, status of your application, expiration date of your credential, payment/order forms, and fee expiration just to name a few.

To log into your candidate record please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to http://www.ihmm.org
  2. In the upper right hand corner of the IHMM webpage you will see “IHMM LOGIN”
  3. Click on “Go Here” to LOGIN to your account” This will take you to a screen where you will be asked for your username and password. If you do not know your username and password, a member of the Recertification Department, at (301) 984-8969 ext. 17, or ext. 20, to reset your username or password.

Maintaining up-to-date contact information in your candidate record ensures that you receive important notifications regarding your credential such as regular annual fee and recertification reminders. Periodically accessing your candidate record can provide you with answers to some of the questions below:

Q: What’s the status of my application?

A: The “Recent Activity” section reflects what is happening with your application. If your “Recent Activity” shows that your application has been submitted and not “approved” or “rejected” there are a few possible reasons:

  1. Your application is still in the queue to be reviewed. An application can take approximately 6-8 weeks to be reviewed;
  2. Your annual fee has expired. If your fees are not current, your application will NOT be processed. You can view your annual fee status in the “Certification Status” section, and;

If neither of those situations applies to you, please contact the Recertification Department at recert@ihmm.org

Q: Has my application been approved yet?

A: “Recent Activity” will reflect your approval of rejected status before the “Certification Status” section. Unfortunately, the approval of the application and the status update in the “Certification Status” window of a candidate’s record are not always synchronized, especially during periods of high submission volume. Our database consultants update the expiration section of the candidate’s record in batches.