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Revisions to IHMMs Director Nominations and Elections Process

The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM) recently revised the Director Nominations and Elections Process and a new policy is available at the IHMM website. The Nominating Committee oversees director nominations and elections. Process revisions include:

  • Restructuring the IHMM Board of Directors to comprise of seven directors that hold the CHMM credential, one director that holds the CHMP credential and one director as a public member.
  • Clarifying that any incumbent director seeking re-elections is subject to the same vetting requirements as new director nominees.
  • Setting a procedure for appointing a director in the event of an early departure of an incumbent director

IHMM’s Board of Directors (BOD) is responsible for the governance of IHMM, including establishing the strategic direction of IHMM, appointing the executive director, policy-making, and financial management. Directors are elected from rank and file certificants and the above process promulgates nominee eligibility and election requirements. Directors serve terms of four years and can be elected only twice ensuring diversity for new ideas and programs.

Three director positions are up for election in 2013. Generally, IHMM will be adhering to this timeline:

  • July 2013 – Open solicitation of potential candidates
  • August 2013 – Final call for nominations
  • Sept 2013 – Selection of recommended slate
  • Early November 2013 – Election open (for approximately two weeks)
  • December 2013 – Election results to be announced at the BOD Meeting

Please feel free contact IHMM for any questions or comments on BOD nominations and elections processes.