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First Group of CHMPs to Recertify for their Credential!

Congratulations to all the Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioners (CHMP™s) who earned their CHMP credential five years ago and who will be recertifying for the first time this summer! To guide new CHMPs with the recertification process IHMM has developed a presentation on “How to Recertify Online: Instructions and Guidelines for CHMPs”. Click here to access the guide
The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM) recognized a need in the industry; assuring the proficiency and competence of workers in the trenches of handling hazardous materials. The CHMP credential was developed by IHMM in October of 2007 as a standard of proficiency for front-line hazardous materials workers. Many hazardous materials professionals gain their knowledge and expertise through hands-on experience. While some professionals move into the management aspect of the profession and earn four-year degrees, other professionals concentrate on critical front-line duties. 
The CHMP certification is targeted to these vital front-line workers. We all know potential CHMPs. We encounter them in our daily lives. Military personnel disable bombs and identify chemical weapons that threaten our nation’s security. EMTs show up on the scene of the accident. Humanitarian aid, disaster relief and emergency management personnel work on the scene of tornado ravaged towns and in regions of the world impacted by earthquakes and tsunamis. Firefighters rush into burning buildings.
Earning the recognition as a CHMP provides acknowledgment of a high level of knowledge, expertise, and excellence in the arena of hazardous materials. If you deal with hazardous or potentially hazardous materials in any capacity, hands-on or otherwise, a professional credential can help you gain the recognition and credibility that you deserve.
Please contact Patricia Buley at pbuley@ihmm.org  if you need assistance with your recertification.