IHMM Today

Don’t “Wipe Out” this summer, stay “Current” on your recertification!

With the summer season upon us, our thoughts understandably drift off to fun, sun, sand, and surf. If we close our eyes, one can almost feel the warm sun, the cool breeze, and that smell of salt sea air.

Your recertification application form is much like a sunny vacation, some things you have to plan and make reservations for in advance, and some you may wait to do closer to your departure.

Before you even begin your overseas voyage, you need a passport before you can leave port.

Your annual maintenance fee is just like your passport for your CHMM or CHMP certification. Keeping your fees up to date is just like renewing your passport and is required to begin the path to recertification.

As the time for sun and fun draws closer, we all tend to check the weather so we can keep an eye on the sun and surf conditions and to know just what to pack.

Make sure you keep an eye on your recertification progress “forecast” by logging in to your online candidate record, opening a Recertification Application for your credential, and periodically enter those activities you wish to claim throughout the year.

This “bite at a time” approach allows you to enter an activity or two as your busy schedule permits, so as the end of your cycle draws near you won’t have such a large amount of information to move into the form all at once. Then, throughout the year just add activities and recertifying will be even smoother than using the EASYPASS lanes on the way to the beach. Maintaining your certification maintenance point itinerary ensures that you will be on schedule to recertify in good standing.

As we prepare to visit new and exciting places and enjoy exciting activities on a trip; we want to make sure to schedule enough time to enjoy all the fun and exciting things possible when we get there.

The same holds true for your recertification. Try to schedule your application form submission time to factor in the 6 to 8 week time for processing.

If you have enough activities in hand (and it doesn’t interfere with your ability to acquire CMP eligible activities), you can even submit your form between 60-90 days prior to the expiration date posted in your online candidate record.

Early submission will keep the status notice in your online candidate record from having a long period where the form is approved, but the status window does not catch up right away.

Like any enjoyable trip, counting down the days is the toughest part. For your recertification, sometimes the hard part is keeping track of the time until your renewal date approaches. Here are a few suggestions on how to keep track of time and keep an eye on our milestones during the five year activity cycle:

  • Set a calendar (or other automated e-mail program) reminder to help remember your annual fee payments.
  • Log into your online candidate record when you receive a reminder to check or make the payment, click on your activities in that year and make sure to set time(s) to enter them until you’re caught up for that period.Set another automated reminder (in your e-mail or other program) to record CMP activities if you don’t have time to enter them right away so you don’t forget.

Making just a few small changes and planning your recertification schedule just as if you were planning a sunny escape makes for a more pleasant recertification and less stress on that awesome trip.

Happy Recertification, and have a safe, and fun summer!