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Do you qualify for CHMM “Retiree Status”?

The IHMM Board of Directors established the CHMM® (Ret.) category with the intent of providing a mechanism for continued identification of CHMMs once they have retired from professional hazardous materials management practice, with the understanding that those so designated will not use the CHMM (Ret.) designation for any professional practice or work for compensation that implies current competency in hazardous materials management.

A CHMM who is no longer active in the field of hazardous materials management may apply for designation as a CHMM (Ret.). In order to qualify, the CHMM must be in good standing and must have been recertified at least once before applying for CHMM (Ret.) status. The CHMM (Ret.) designation may be used on personal stationery and personal cards. It may not be used on either business cards or business stationery for any commercial purposes. It shall be considered unethical conduct for a retired certificant to use the designation "CHMM" after acquiring Retired status, or to use the "CHMM (Ret.)" designation while continuing to practice. Any violation of these restrictions would make the individual's CHMM (Ret.) designation subject to revocation.

To request a period of Retiree Status:

  • Please access your personal record in the IHMM system by going to our website, www.ihmm.org, and clicking on IHMM LOGIN;
  • Then enter your Username and Password;
  • Once in your personal record, go to COMPLETE A FORM, and choose the CHMM RETIREE STATUS APPLICATION;
  • You must enter the date of your expected retirement;
  • You will need to save your form and submit your online request;
  • You will then be taken to an Ecommerce site where you will be asked to pay the $10 fee for one year’s maintenance in the Retiree status;

After completing these steps, you will receive an automatic confirmation of form completion indicating your request will be reviewed. You will be notified by email when your retired status request has been approved.

Have questions? Please contact Patricia Buley at pbuley@ihmm.org.