IHMM Today

The New Application Process

IHMM is excited about and proud of our new MyIHMM database. It has allowed IHMM to expedite and streamline processes for staff, applicants and certificants. Below you will find the updated application process. Whether you are interested in applying for your first certification, a second (or third) certification, or want to explain the process to a co-worker, the guide below should prove extremely useful:

  1. Create a MyIHMM account at www.ihmm.org by clicking  and following the instructions for New Customers.
  2. Within your MyIHMM account is the application. Click  on the left side to access the menu.
  3. Click Apply for a Certification and choose your desired application: CHMM, CHMP or CDGP.
  4. The application will take you through all the fields necessary to submit an application. The final page is a summary which will show you if you are missing any required information. Once all required field are checked off you will be able to move forward to the payment page and once payment ($175*) is complete you can submit your application. Your application will then move into the Exam Ready status and you will have 12 months to take the test.
    1. Within the application you will be asked to provide the names and emails of two professional references which the system will email a link to for them to complete the electronic references form. The Application Summary Review table on your MyIHMM homepage will update when your references have completed the form.
    2. If applicable, you will also be asked to upload a copy of your transcript or diploma to the application as well.
  5. Within 24 hours, you will receive your login information to the test registration website, Webassessor. With this information you will be able to search all of the available exam times and locations, register for an exam and pay the exam fee ($360).
  6. Test takers receive unofficial results at the testing center immediately following submission of the examination. Official results will be sent by email within 48 hours of taking the examination.
    1. Those who fail will receive a breakdown report of their performance on the exam to aid in studying for a retake.
    2. Those who pass will receive an email with a confirmation of their results and any outstanding items needed before they can become certified.
      1. If one or more of the references have not yet completed the electric form then the application will stay in the Exam Passed status.
      2. If both references have completed the electronic form then the application will move into the Internal IHMM Staff Review status.
  7. IHMM staff will then review the application to ensure everything is in order. When approved the applicant will be certified. They will be searchable in the Certificant Directory, receive an email of congratulation and an electronic version of their Letter of Compliance, the official proof of their certification. These emails will be followed by a mailed Welcome Packet containing their certificate, a hard copy of the Letter of Compliance and some additional materials.

There you have it, the new and improved application process.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding applying for a certification or the application process, feel free to contact the Certification Department at [email protected].