IHMM Today

MyIHMM Overview Webinars coming in Q1 2016

There certainly have been a lot of new developments since our last newsletter and none are more prominent than the transition to the MyIHMM Self Service Administration portal (Welcome Page).We know and understand that change can be difficult, and that migration from one system to another is often accompanied by some growing pains. However, like all growing pains, once they pass what remains is better and stronger. This will be the case for the MyIHMM Self Service Administration portal as well.

To that end, IHMM is creating a toolkit to help get certificants up to speed and provide additional assistance in use and navigation of the MyIHMM Self Service Administration portal. The first tool will be that mid to late first quarter of 2016, IHMM will be announcing the start of our “MyIHMM and You” Webinars. The first of these tutorials will show you the soup to nuts use of MyIHMM including: how to access your Self Service Administration (SSA) certificant window, how to access the forms, how to find and use the 3-Bar or “Hamburger” menu button, and basic recertification activity entry.

IHMM would like to offer our sincere thanks for your patience and understanding while we fill in the potholes during the last of the transition phase. Every bump on the path right now helps us make you a smoother path going forward.

Please contact us at [email protected] should you have any questions.