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Meet IHMM’s Newest Distinguished Diplomate

Rampur S. Viswanath, CHMM, IHMM Distinguished Diplomate

The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM) has recognized Rampur S. Viswanath, CHMM as its ninth Distinguished Diplomate, the highest honorary designation conferred by IHMM. The IHMM Board of Directors elected Dr. Viswanath during its December 2014 quarterly meeting.

The Distinguished Diplomate designation is awarded to Fellows of the Institute who have either contributed substantively to the field of hazardous materials management and/or to the overall IHMM mission. Such contributions may include: founding of a significant element of an IHMM credential program or of a non-competing hazardous materials organization or program; organizing or leading a major hazardous materials management program to successful completion; long-standing devotion with notable contributions to the field; and/or, originating or leading a major breakthrough in hazardous materials management.

Dr. Viswanath earned the CHMM credential in 1992, was elected as a Fellow of the Institute in 2006 and has served as Chair of the Fellows Nominating Committee for 5 years. He has worked in the environmental field for more than 34 years and has published and presented technical papers domestically and internationally. Dr. Viswanath has provided ongoing leadership and expertise that helped develop state-of-the-art procedures and practices in the areas of sampling, analysis, and the long-term management of millions of gallons of highly hazardous materials, including nuclear waste. 

According to Allison A. King, CHMM and IHMM Board Chair, “Dr. Viswanath joins a very select group of only eight others who have been selected as Distinguished Diplomates.” Other individuals who have received recognition as Distinguished Diplomates are:

  • M. Gordon and John J. McCambridge, CHMM (Ret.), who were elected in 1999
  • H. Frick, CHMM (Ret.), who was elected in 2000
  • Edward J. Baier, CHMM (Ret.) and Kenneth L. Manchen, CHMM, who were elected in 2001
  • David H. Benshoof, CHMM, and Peter R. Spinney, CHMM, who were elected in 2004
  • Elizabeth R. Pfeiffer, CHMM, who was elected in 2009

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