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Maintaining Your CHMM or CHMP Credential and Recertification

By being awarded the CHMM or CHMP credential, you have achieved an important career milestone and are now part of a globally-recognized family of hazardous materials management professionals!   Now that you have become a certified professional, we wish to assist you in shifting your focus to the matter of maintaining your prestigious credential in good standing. To remain in good standing, you must:

  • Abide by the Code of Ethics
  • Obtain and submit the required Certification Maintenance Points (CMPs)
  • Submit Annual Certification Maintenance Fees (ACMFs) upon receipt of annual invoices


Over its long history, IHMM has learned as it has worked with thousands of certificants that the key to successful recertification is for you to stay current each year with the fee and continued education requirements.   Certificate holders who wait until late or near the end of the 5-year certification cycle are much more likely to lose their prestigious credential and fail to be recertified.   As such, IHMM strongly recommends that CHMMs and CHMPs: (a) maintain a certification file for all your certification maintenance activities and organize your supporting documentation by year; (b) submit your continued educational activities on-line as you complete them [don’t wait!]; and (c) make sure that you submit your annual certification maintenance fees in a timely manner [when you receive your annual invoice].



It should go without saying that no certificate holder should be working in the hazardous materials management industry if he or she is in violation of ethical standards required by the IHMM Board.  All hazardous materials management professionals who are certified by IHMM recognize that such certification is a privilege that must be both earned and maintained. In previously signing the code, you committed to fully support the Code of Ethics.


IHMM requires recertification every five years. CHMMs must earn a total of 200 certification maintenance points (CMPs) by engaging in qualifying activities as set forth in the examination blueprint during the 5-year certification period in order to qualify for recertification. Please refer to the CHMM or CHMP Recertification Handbook for applicable activities and their corresponding CMP values. IHMM does not evaluate activities or pre-approve activities for CMP credit. The point requirements are as follows:

  • Each application must complete and submit a minimum of 200 CMPs during the 5-year certification:
    • A minimum of 100 of these CMPs must be earned by completing qualified professional development activities; and
    • Up to a maximum of 100 CMPs may be earned in connection with active practice in a hazardous materials manager role (i.e. directly related work or employment).


Payment of Annual Certification Maintenance Fee (ACMF) ensures that IHMM has the necessary financial resources to maintain member records, that the certification continues to remain current with the latest developments in the industry, and enables the organization to continue to be a functional, dynamic entity far into the future in support of the members.   Certificate holders are required to submit the ACMF of $140 during each year of the five-year certification cycle before the member’s certification or recertification annual anniversary date. 

Our certificants often confuse payment to local chapters, renewal of state licensure fees or other license fees and professional membership organizations as payment to IHMM for their Annual Certification Maintenance Fee.  It is important to note, that you must pay your ACMF to IHMM in order for your credential to be in good standing.


As you complete each educational activity during the five (5) years of your certification and earn CMPs, you should login to your account (Candidate Record) and submit them on the IHMM website as each activity is completed, by entering them into the Application for Recertification Form. By using this approach, at the end of your 5-year certification period nears, the information will all be maintained for you and you will not need to enter the entire five (5) years of continued educational activity information at one time. Similarly, when you receive your annual ACMF invoice, you should login to your account and pay your annual fee at that time.  Please take special care to ensure that the required check boxes are marked indicating your attestation to the truthfulness and accuracy of the information presented, and your continued compliance with the Code of Ethics.


Applications for recertification are randomly selected for audit.  If your application for recertification is selected for audit, you will be contacted via your email address of record (the official means of IHMM communication with certificate holders) and asked to submit documentation supporting your CMP claims.  Provided the certificate holder maintains the certification file documentation discussed earlier, this process should be a simple matter of sending in copies of completion certificates, etc., and typically does not take more than 2 weeks to complete.   As such, you should maintain copies of all supporting documentation for your 5-year cycle. IHMM reserves the right to request documentation from any certificant at any time during the review process and within five (5) years from the date their application is submitted. 

Using tracking software tools to house and maintain your CMPs does not replace submission of the IHMM Application for Recertification Form for recertifying your credential.   You will need to submit your supporting documentation if you are randomly selected for an audit.

Recertification reminder notices are sent periodically to your email address of record.  It is the certificate holder’s responsibility to provide IHMM with any changes or updates to your e-mail and/or contact information, as this is the official method of communication and a requisite of your certification. You should ensure that all information is current by periodically logging in to your account (Candidate Record) at www.ihmm.org. It is the Certificant’s responsibility to fulfill all requirements for recertification, including submission of the recertification application 60-90 days prior to the credential expiration date. The credential expiration date can be verified by logging into your account (Candidate Record), accessible from the IHMM website at www.ihmm.org.

Please contact us at recert@ihmm.org should you have any questions.