IHMM Today

James Spatarella’s Service to the IHMM Board of Directors

James J. Spatarella was elected to serve a four a term which ended in 2015.  Jim is a Lead Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton in Arlington, VA and first earned his CHMM credential in 1985.  He was active on the BOD both during the meetings and with his consistent follow-up between meetings.  During his tenure on the Board he was involved in just a few milestones:

  • Hosting Chinese Delegation on HAZMAT issues
  • Continued ANSI accreditation for CHMM, CHMP, and CDGP
  • Continued CESB accreditation for CHMM and CHMP
  • Development and publication of the new CHMM Blueprint
  • Streamlined certification fee structure
  • DOD legislation to recognize and pay fee for credentials
  • Launched CDGP credential
  • 30 year IHMM celebration symposium
  • US Congress recognizing IHMM for its work to employ active military and veterans
  • New Maintenance fee policy bundling the first’s year maintenance fee in the first year of certification
  • Served as CESB Liaison

At our December BOD dinner, we said so long, to Jim; however it’s not farewell

And let us not forget the fun things such as the Ugly Baby becoming the Beautiful Baby, branding exercises that included tattoos drawn on cocktail napkins, or the sights of Bourbon Street…..oops…what happens on Bourbon Street stays on Bourbon Street! (Wink)……so in your honor here is a little poem to sum it all up:

Hey this was really fun
We hope you liked it too.
Seems like we’ve just begun
When suddenly we’re through
Goodbye, Goodbye, good friend goodbye

So sorry that you're leaving,
This place won't be the same.
We'll never forget you err...um...err.
Sorry...what's your name?

Goodbyes are not forever
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean we will miss you
Until we meet again!

Jim – we look forward to your continuing participation at IHMM; we’ll miss you!