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IHMM 2015 Year End Review

Jeffrey H. Greenwald, P.E., CAE, IHMM Executive Director

The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM) is proud of its service to those who work in the field of hazardous materials management and related fields. The Executive Office (EO) performs its functions to ensure that prospective candidates, new applicants and current certificants are aware of the policies and procedures designed to help certificants earn and maintain IHMM credentials. The EO also works to maintain accreditations from both the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB). We are also working to promote the value of professionals who carry the CHMM, CHMP, and CDGP credentials.

Year-End Report

  • Accreditation Management – maintaining our American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB) accreditation. All IHMM credentials – CHMM, CHMP, and CDGP – were awarded ANSI accreditation in 2015. Further, IHMM maintained CESB accreditation for CHMM and CHMP in 2015.

ANSI and CESB validate and elevate IHMM credentials by:

  • Demonstrating competencies of practice;
  • Requiring continued demonstration of competencies;
  • Assessing competencies through blueprint development;
  • Ensuring a fair and equitable examination process;
  • Satisfying governmental regulations for third-party assessment of certifications.
  • Credential Management – maintaining timely processing of certification applications and ensuring clear understanding of the requirements to recertify IHMM credentials. IHMM offers on-demand testing at more than 600 centers worldwide with an online application process. IHMM announced a new certificant database, “MyIHMM.” New functions include online payment of fees, online applications for new professionals, and online entry of professional development activities to maintaining your credential. IHMM also conducted three proctored examination events:
    • CHMM exam in Abu Dhabi, UAE for 12 applicants
    • CDGP exam in Beijing, China for 7 applicants
    • CDGP exam in Washington, DC for 5 applicants

         IHMM implemented its new brand identity at the AHMP National Conference with plans for more conference outreach in 2016.

IHMM Booth at the 2015 AHMP National Conference
IHMM Booth at the 2015 AHMP National Conference

  • Marketing, Communications and Branding – maintaining our vision to have IHMM accredited credentials acknowledged, accepted, and endorsed globally. In 2015, IHMM attended or exhibited at these professional activities:
    • Teleconference – 23 January, AHMP Northeast (NE) and East-Center (EC) Chapter Presidents
    • Tradeshow – 24 February, Professional Development Seminar, National Capital Chapter of the AHMP
    • Presentation – 26 February, IHMM Credentials, Essentials of Hazardous Materials Management Course, National Capital Chapter – AHMP
    • Presentation – 12 March, Certified Dangerous Goods Professional, Spill Control Association of America Conference
    • Tradeshow – 24 April, 2015 Chesapeake Educational Seminar: Current Topics in Safety, Health and Environmental Issues
    • Tradeshow – 27 – 29 April, COSTHA Annual Forum
    • Webinar – 7 May, NEACHMM Essentials of Hazardous Materials Management Course
    • Tradeshow – 30 August – 2 September, 2015 AHMP National Conference
    • Presentation – 16 September, Presentation for General Motors
    • Webinar – 8 October, Accreditation and Credential Management Practices For Hazardous Materials Professionals, Road Runner Chapter meeting
    • Presentation – 6 November, IHMM Credentials – CDGP, 7th United States - China Transportation Forum, by Terry Guo for IHMM.
  • Credential Program Expansion –IHMM seeks opportunities to expand its portfolio of accredited certification credentials. IHMM launched the Certified Dangerous Goods Trainer (CDGT) credential in 2015 and enhanced the implementation of the Certified Dangerous Goods Professional (CDGP) credential by allowing two new references into the examination facility: 1) Dangerous Goods Regulations, International Air Transport Association (IATA) and 2) Air International Regulations for Shippers of Dangerous Goods, A.I.R Shipper.  IHMM promoted the CDGP credential during our conference participation at the COSTHA Annual Forum, the AHMP National Conference, the Dangerous Goods Instructors Symposium, and the Dangerous Goods Advisory Council Conference. 
  • Communications to Certificants – maintaining accurate two-way communications to professionals holding IHMM credentials. The IHMM website can be used to recertify, process fee payments, announce professional development activities, read our newsletter (IHMM Today), and access professional development resources and read our press releases. Our LinkedIn group now has over 6,000 participants and we are active on both LinkedIn and Twitter as @TheIHMM.
  • Public Sector Outreach – communicating the attributes of IHMM credential programs to public sector markets. IHMM has been developing a credential recognition program introduced at the state level -- in 2015 in Wisconsin and likely expanded in subsequent years to other states. One critical element in this process is partnership with other credentialing organizations to broaden and strengthen the state advocacy effort. Accordingly, in late April, IHMM met with Aaron Trippler, Director of Government Affairs with the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) to discuss the state credentialing initiative and legislative strategic considerations aimed at advancing the initiative in select states in 2015.

Formally, IHMM is seeking legislation to provide legal recognition to the professions of hazardous materials management, industrial hygiene, health physics and safety. In Wisconsin, IHMM introduced the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Credential Recognition Act of 2015 to 1) Recognize active military and veterans trained, during active duty, to manage hazardous materials with Wisconsin recognized credentials, 2) Assure employers that Wisconsin recognized credentials effectively measure competencies of veterans and civilians in Environment, Occupational Health and Safety professions and 3) Assure Wisconsin citizens that those involved in these professions have met minimum qualifications to protect the public safety. This ongoing activity should culminate with state committee hearing on this bill in Q1 2016.

Additionally, IHMM’s Public Sector Outreach Report (posted at www.ihmm.org) contains links to articles, congressional legislation, federal regulatory notices, and federal contracts solicitations selected for IHMM certificants and others working in homeland security, environmental protection, engineering, health sciences, transportation, and public safety professionals who are interested in getting a certification.

  • International Expansion – Extend IHMM certification credentials globally. IHMM is now working to introduce the CDGP in China and recently conducted a CDGP examination for 7 professionals that included two participants from the Ministry of Transport, two participants from China Air industry (Air Cargo China and Civil Aviation University), one participant from Shanghai CIQ (CIQ is the Chinese governmental agency in charge of UN packaging certifications), one participant from China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, and one participant from Shanghai Port Authority. IHMM plans to further its outreach to the Chinese transportation profession in 2016.
  • Technical services, literature and support – Establish IHMM as the leading source of information pertaining to the credentialing and competencies of hazardous materials managers. IHMM published “Managing Hazardous Materials – A Definitive Text; 3rd Edition.” IHMM also participated with five other organizations to conduct a salary survey of EHS professionals and found:
  • Earning IHMM Credentials – CHMM, CHMP, and CDGP - can provide numerous benefits, including improved career prospects and enhanced earning power. According to this salary survey just released, the results indicate that the median annual base salary of individuals holding a credential from IHMM – CHMM, CHMP or CDGP - is $100,000, about 20 percent greater than the median annual base salary of survey respondents who held no certification; $83,000. Further, when years of experience are taken into account, salaries are approximately10 percent higher for IHMM certificate holders with 5 to 14 years experience than a professional with the same experience not holding a credential.      
  • Institute Governancemaintaining environments where certificants can work in volunteer roles to guide the business of the Institute. The Board of Directors has met in person on four occasions to direct IHMM activities. In addition, more than 30 committee meetings/teleconferences have been held this year to manage budgeting, exam items and security, credential expansion, recertification interpretations, and many more decisions.

The Board of Directors of the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals and the IHMM approved and subsequently signed a renewed affiliation agreement. The affiliation agreement between AHMP and IHMM identifies opportunities for the two organizations to work together cooperatively to provide benefits to IHMM certificants and to AHMP members. Benefits of this affiliation include outreach, communication, and a source of professional expertise to those working in the hazardous materials and related professions. Collaboration includes the sharing of mailing lists, developing co-branded marketing materials for the promotion of IHMM credentials and certification programs, the announcement of professional development and educational opportunities offered by the AHMP, and networking opportunities that support an individual’s interest in obtaining or retaining one of the Institute’s credentials or certifications. This agreement continues the cooperative efforts between AHMP and IHMM that started with the initial agreement in 2009.

Bottom line: Your Board and committees are all working hard to engage in their activities on your behalf. IHMM cannot exist without YOU and we thank you for volunteering.

Your staff is working hard to coordinate all of the volunteer activities, provide logistical support to each committee, and implement your decisions. Frankly, IHMM is a partnership between volunteers and staff, and it’s working!

I hope you enjoy this edition of IHMM Today. It includes articles on IHMM operations and activities and articles about IHMM certificants. IHMM is actively fulfilling its mission. Please feel free to contact our committees, the IHMM Board or the IHMM Staff, or go to www.ihmm.org to learn more about our activities.