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CHMM Recertification Committee Update

The CHMM Recertification Committee unanimously approved a new Request for CMP Evaluation (RFE) at their August 2015 meeting. The RFE requested a general standard of authoritative third party documentation be set for all remaining professional development activities listed on the Recertification Handbook that did not already have them (Legislative or Rule-Making Activity, Volunteer Community Service, Other Professional Accomplishments), and for all future activities added to the handbook. As a result, all recertification activities now have consistent standards for audit documentation.

The CHMM Recertification Committee also approved a new RFE by unanimous consent through electronic vote on October 2015 for the Item Writing activity in the handbook. The new guidelines for submitting items are as follows:

  • A certificant may receive 1 CMP per item written.
  • A cap of 20 items during their 5 year cycle. This cap is comparable to what a certificant may claim for one year of full time employment (20 CMPs). 
  • All items submitted for CMP credit must include a completed Item Processing Sheet with an item in an area of the examination blueprint.
  • The recertification application will indicate the duty area(s) of the examination blueprint that items are needed to be written for and the certificant will need to write and submit an item from these duty areas of the blueprint.
  • All items written must include a reference source to be considered for CMP credit.
  • The item must be completely original, cannot appear anywhere else, and must meet the minimum standards for items set by IHMM.

Please contact M. Patricia Buley, CHMM Recertification Committee Staff Liaison if you have any questions or suggestions on recertification activities for professional development at [email protected].