IHMM Today

CHMM Exam Committee Update

IHMM has collected the required performance data on the new CHMM exam questions that were delivered to candidates beginning in July 2015 to ensure that enough participants responded to the items to yield stable statistics. These new questions did not count toward your score. IHMM delivered new items as unscored field test items so that item statistics could be reviewed before using the new items to count towards candidates’ score. The data collected is now undergoing psychometric review, and the new test forms are expected to go live by the first quarter of 2016.

The CHMM Examination Committee’s work with item writing, exam question review and classification is ongoing, and IHMM would like to thank the field subject matter experts who are fully engaged in the committee’s activities and committed to the mission of IHMM and the CHMM credential.

Please contact M. Patricia Buley, CHMM Exam Committee Staff Liaison, if you have any questions at [email protected].