Hazardous Materials Supply Chain: Emergency Telephone Numbers in EU’s GSH/SDSs

Wed, 07/03/2019 - 17:03

By Abdul H. Khalid, PhD, CHMM, RPIHWhat do you know about an emergency telephone number given in a Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) of a hazardous materials supply chain worldwide?European Union (EU) requires emergency telephone numbers in the Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) globally, as referenced in the Global Harmonization System (GHS) of the Classification, Labeling, and Packaging (CLP); the EU CLP Regulations.Emergency contact or telephone number in the SDSs is required by the manufactures, producer, importers, suppliers or distributors in the section one (1) of the SDSs. Some countries according to the needs do require the local or domestic or 24 hours emergency telephone number. There is some variation when we look particularly who have adopted or partially adopted or with some modification, the GHS system such as the US, Canada, China, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, and some other countries.  GHS is a system and not a standard or regulations unless it is adopted by the countries’ legislation process or by the member states (MS) of the EU.See entire article here.