Recertification Audits


IHMM’s online recertification process does not require certificants to submit extensive evidentiary documentation with their recertification applications. However, certificants are advised to maintain this documentation in case their application is selected for audit.

To maintain the integrity of the recertification process, IHMM randomly selects a portion of submitted recertification applications for audit. When an application is selected for audit, the certificant is required to provide evidentiary documentation to verify his or her employment and professional development activities.

The recertification audit program is fully integrated into the MyIHMM recertification system and all required evidentiary documentation must be uploaded through the system.


Once you submit your completed recertification application, the MyIHMM system will automatically make a determination as to whether or not your application will be selected for random audit. If your application is selected, it will be moved to a status called “Audit Info Needed” and you will receive an automatic email notifying you of your application’s selection.

When you are ready to begin the audit process, access your application from your MyIHMM “welcome” page. Once the application is open, you will see that the interface is nearly identical to the initial application. Don’t click the Submit Audit Documentation button yet!

Next, click on the Employment button in the left column. You will see the claim information that you submitted – only now, there is an “upload” link. Click the link to upload your employment documentation.

Note that you can only upload one file per claim. As a result, multi-page documents or combinations of multiple documents are generally best uploaded as combined PDF files. Most home and office scanners support this format, and there are free programs available that can combine existing separate PDF files.

Follow the below link for Adobe’s guide to combining PDF files with their free Reader program:


While PDF is our preferred format for review, MyIHMM will accept all file types as uploads, and we understand that sometimes using other file types (such as .msg Outlook email files) is necessary.

Once you have uploaded your employment documentation, proceed to the Professional Development section by clicking the link in the left column or clicking the “Next” button from the Employment section.

You will see that the interface here is much the same. Upload documentation for each of your Professional Development claims. If you have any questions about appropriate audit documentation for an activity, don’t hesitate to contact IHMM’s Recertification Department.

Submission and the Review Process

Now that you have uploaded all of your documentation, it’s time to click the Submit Audit Documentation button. This will flag your application as being ready for review by IHMM staff, and move it to the “Audit Review” status. Once your application is ready for review, it will be added to our queue. Reviews take varying amounts of time depending on complexity, so the best way to ensure a quick audit review is to follow instructions carefully, and check with IHMM if you are unsure about how to fully document an activity.

In the event that the documentation provided is not sufficient to complete the process, we will send your application back to “Audit Info Needed” with comments. At this point, you will receive an automatic email notifying you of this, and when you access your application again, you will the reviewer’s comments in the Employment and Professional Development sections.

Do also note that while your application is in “Audit Info Needed” status, you have the option of adding additional activities along with documentation. This way, if for some reason you cannot fully document another activity and need additional points to meet the 200 CMP minimum, you may supplement your application with alternative claims.


Once your audited application has been approved, you will receive an email from the system with your new certification expiration date. Congratulations!

We recognize that completion of the recertification audit process is not always an easy task, and we thank you for doing your part to ensure that the integrity of your IHMM professional credential and those of your colleagues remains beyond question.

If you have any questions or need any assistance regarding your audited recertification application, please contact [email protected].