How to Recertify


To open a Recertification Application to enter and store your recertification claim activities you will need to:

  • Click on the “MyIHMM Login” button.
  • Log in to your online account using your username and password in the required fields to log in to your Certificant Homepage

    If you do not know your password, you can reset it using the link available on the login page.

  • From your Certificant Homepage (where it says “Welcome to MyIHMM”), use the Menu button to open the navigation pane.

  • Select Recertification

  • On the Submission History page, scroll to the appropriate Recertification Application form for your credential. You are only able to open a recertification application for your credential, and you may only have one recertification application open at a time.

    Remember to scroll down the list of forms and make sure you are looking at the correct application for your credential.

  • Click on the Create New Recertification Application button to open the application.

Your opened IHMM online Recertification Application will look like this:


Once you have opened and are in the application, you will see a column of buttons that say Instructions, Employment, Professional Development, etc. These are the navigation buttons to move from section to section within the form.

Be sure to completely read and follow the directions in the Instructions, Employment, and Professional Development sections before entering any information.

The IHMM online Recertification Application forms have automated scoring that uses pre-programmed and pro-rated scoring for many items.

  • If recertification activity claim items are not entered on the form exactly as instructed it may interfere with your ability to enter activities, receive credit, or to submit your recertification application.

The IHMM online Recertification Application forms will save and store your activity claim items for you as you enter them.

The IHMM online Recertification Application forms are designed for certificants to enter and store activities as they occur throughout the 5-year recertification cycle.

As you log in regularly to verify and update your contact information, view open invoices, and pay your Annual Certification Maintenance Fees, take a moment to enter activities into your IHMM online Recertification Application form to make recertifying a breeze.


When you want to re-enter the form to enter more activity claim items, after you log in, you can simply click on the link to open any existing online Recertification Application directly from your welcome page.

Once you have clicked on the link it will take you back to your Pending (in progress) application.


While in the Recertification Application, click on the Summary button to see how many points you have entered in each section.

The “Summary” button will take you to a small chart to show how many points you have in each section.

In this example, the Test Certificant has entered Requested Points totaling 205.

  • Requested Points are the claims and points a certificant enters in the form for their activities.

The form recognizes 190 of them as Allowable Points.

  • Allowable Points are claims and points that the form recognizes after applying rules related to date and time ranges, scoring and/or caps for different claim types, etc.

In this case, the certificant would need to enter claims totaling 10 or more Allowable Points to reach the required minimum total of 200 CMPs of Allowable Points.


Once you have entered 200 CMPs of allowable activity claim items, you will see a Confirm Application Submission button appear at the bottom of the navigation button column. Clicking this will allow you to submit the completed recertification application.


Note that recertification applications may only be submitted as early as one year before your certification expiration date, or as late as six months after. The Confirm Application Submission button will not appear outside of this window of eligibility to submit the application.

Once you have submitted your application you will either receive an e-mail confirming your successful recertification or an e-mail stating you have been randomly selected for audit that will instruct you how to scan and upload the support documents for the activity claims on your recertification application form.

If your application is selected for audit, please proceed to the Recertification Audits page for further information on this process.