The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM) requires that the CDGP certification be renewed every five (5) years to ensure that certificants retain their currency with the advancements in technology and changes in compliance requirements that occur frequently in the transportation of dangerous goods and related fields. To be an effective CDGP, you need to stay current on developments in the industry, and remain competent in the knowledge, skills and abilities you demonstrated by earning the CDGP certification. Maintaining the highest professional standards by continuing to uphold and abide by the Code of Ethics is also a requirement for recertification.

Preparing for Recertification

To qualify for recertification, each CDGP is responsible for:

  • Seeking out activities that are relevant to the competency requirements of the CDGP Blueprint
  • Maintaining appropriate documentation of their participation in those activities;
  • Submitting supporting documentation for claimed activities IF the application is selected for audit (see below), or when additional information is requested;
  • Earning sufficient CMPs to meet the minimum 200 CMP requirement Recertification Claims; and
  • Earning sufficient CMPs to recertify  Recertification Handbook.

IHMM does not evaluate activities or pre-approve activities for CMP credit.

Fees: All certificants must be up to date in their annual certification maintenance fees at the time of their application for recertification.  There's no fee for recertification.  Pay a Fee Online

Audit: Only a percentage of the submissions will require full documentation of the CMP credit claimed on the CDGP Application for Recertification. All IHMM Board and Committee members will be required to submit full documentation. 

CDGPs that are selected for audit will be notified after receipt of their application and will be required to submit full documentation for all claimed activities. CDGPs that are not selected for an audit will not be required to submit full documentation, but should maintain copies of all supporting documentation for a period of five (5) years after the submission of their application for recertification. IHMM reserves the right to request documentation form any applicant for recertification.

CDGP Recertification Requirements

CDGPs must earn at least 200 Certification Maintenance Points (CMPs) during a 5-year period to qualify for recertification. Certification Maintenance Points (CMPs) must be claimed in accordance with:


For all inquiries related to recertification, contact [email protected]