IHMM Certification Reinstatement Policy

An individual who previously held an IHMM certification that has not been decertified on ethical grounds may apply to have his or her certification reinstated if their annual fees have been expired for less than five (5) years and/or their decertified certification has been expired for less than five (5) years. If either condition is not met, the individual must go through the full certification process in order to become certified again.

Submitting Exam Items

Submitting a Question for Consideration on the Exam

Current IHMM certificants may earn up to 20 Certification Maintenance Points (CMPs) every five year cycle by submitting potential items for their certification’s examination.

Recertification Audits


IHMM’s online recertification process does not require certificants to submit extensive evidentiary documentation with their recertification applications. However, certificants are advised to maintain this documentation in case their application is selected for audit.

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