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IHMM Launches Hazardous Materials Society

Sun, 12/08/2019 - 21:14

IHMM Board Chair Richie Spangler and Hazardous Materials Society Board Chair Bob West today announced the launch of the Hazardous Materials Society [HMS]. HMS is a 501[c][3] non-profit corporation designed to provide a wide variety of services to IHMM certificants in key areas of greatest concern and demand of our certificants.The Hazardous Materials Society [HMS] is an outgrowth of the strategic planning process undertaken by the Board and Staff of IHMM in 2019.

EPA finalizes rule easing chemical plant safety regulations

Wed, 12/04/2019 - 15:55

Chemical plants will be less burdened by safety regulations under a new rule finalized by the Trump administration Thursday.Under the finalized tweaks to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) risk management program (RMP), chemical plants will be rid of what officials determine to be "unnecessary regulatory burdens," aligning with the wishes of the chemical industry.“Accident prevention is a top priority of the EPA and this rule promotes improved coordination between chemical facilities and emergency responders, reduces unnecessary regulatory burdens, and addresses security risks asso

Senate Passes Stopgap CR to Avert Shutdown

Thu, 11/21/2019 - 16:54

The Senate on Thursday passed a stopgap continuing resolution to fund the government through Dec. 20, buying Congress time to resolve disputes over a broader spending package for fiscal 2020.President Trump has said he will sign the bill, averting a government shutdown that would be triggered at midnight.House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) has told his caucus to prepare to remain in town the week of Dec. 16 to deal with a possible year-end government funding measure.


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