Eligibility Requirements - CDGT

Certified Dangerous Goods Trainer (CDGT®)

Certified Dangerous Goods Trainer (CDGT®) is awarded to professionals who have demonstrated knowledge and expertise in dangerous goods regulations and instructional technology.  A CDGT must attain certification in the United Nations recommendations and regulations for the safe transport of dangerous goods by all modes of transport (CDGP).  Additionally, a CDGT must have demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the concepts and principles of Instructional Technology (CET certification from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals).  A CDGT indicates that the certificant has the expertise to provide meaningful training to others regarding the requirements and regulations ensuring the safe transport of dangerous goods.



1) Current CDGP credential
2) Current in all IHMM credential fees
3) Current Certified Environmental Trainer (CET).

To apply for the CDGT, please email the Applications and Examinations Coordinator a completed CDGT Application with attached proof or your CET credential.

The CDGT application fee is $100* and $100 will be due upon recertification, every 5 years.

CDGT Application PDF

Please view or download the Candidate Handbook for additional information.


*IHMM will align your CDGT credential with your CDGP credential. This may result in a first recertification cycle of less that 5 years and the application fee will be prorated accordingly. Please submit your application and once reviewed IHMM will invoice you for the appropriate application fee.