Companies value HAZMAT professionals who proactively seek opportunities to develop their skills and expertise.  One of the best ways for individuals to demonstrate their commitment to career growth is by pursuing industry-recognized certifications.  Is it worth it? The eligibility requirements are tough. Preparation can be a lot of work. The examination can be hard.

Exam Preparation

Candidates need to be familiar with relevant laws and regulations, relevant scientific principles and their application, and best management practices. Many candidates attend overview courses or rely on self-study materials to prepare for taking the examination. IHMM does not require any specific type of exam preparation or training and the exams are not based on any single reference.

Examination Information

All examinations are held through the proctored Kryterion HOST® network at hundreds of computer-testing locations world-wide.  Please note that most testing centers will likely be closed for holiday and each testing center has its own hours of operation and seating availability. The CHMM, CHMP examinations are to be completed in 3 hours and the CDGP examination is to be completed in 3.5 hours.  Find a testing center near you

Eligibility Requirements - CHMM

Candidate must meet all eligibility requirements before scheduling and taking their exam. These include: (1) application; (2) transcript (upload a copy of your transcript/diploma if applicable to the application) (3) third-party employment verification, and (4) application fee. Then pass exam and pay the annual fee to be issued the certificate.


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