About IHMM

Story Corps

The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management exhibited at the 2012 AHMP National Conference this past September in Anchorage, Alaska.  We invited our certificants to participate in interviews in that they were asked what their IHMM certification means to them and how it has helped their career.
Here is what some of them had to say:
IHMM wishes to thank the following certificants for particpating in Story Corp: Richard Cartwright, CHMM, Ray Davis, CHMM, Bruce Donato, CHMM, James Harless, CHMM, Josh Hartmann, CHMM, Marc Hawes, CHMM, Avinash Karnik, CHMM, Steve Laughlin, CHMM, Brenda Mahan, CHMP, Kathy Malone, CHMM, Mike Mandracchia, CHMM, Amy Martinez, CHMM, Becky Neal, CHMM, Sharmila Pradhan, CHMM, Allen Rainsberger, CHMM, Matt Redmann, CHMM, Raymond Sauvage, CHMM, Dan Snyder, CHMM, CHMP, Richie Spangler, CHMM, Rampur Viswanath, CHMM, Bob West, CHMM