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Get the Recognition You Deserve from your Peers, your Customers, and your Employer!

Professional certifications boost your career, validate your achievement, and recognize your commitment to public safety and the environment. The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management offers hazardous materials and dangerous goods professionals premier accredited credentials that recognize your expertise and open up new possibilities for you to make a significant impact on public health and safety, the environment, your community, and your country.

Certification Benefits YOU!

  • Recognition from peers, public, and employers
  • Network among peers
  • Earn and enhance public trust
  • Define and delineate the profession and its scope
  • Uphold and maintain high standards of conduct
  • Career development, growth, and advancement.
  • Hold credentialed professionals accountable for unethical practice
  • Encourage competency among practitioners

Certification Benefits your Employer!

  • Prescreens candidates for employment
  • Public benchmark and public image
  • Leading indicator of professionalism
  • Use as Marketing tool
  • Qualification in contract solicitation
  • Qualification for task performance
  • Higher public assurance of competency

If you deal with hazardous materials or dangerous goods in any capacity, you should be certified! Corporations, universities and government agencies depend on these credentials to identify hazardous materials/dangerous goods professionals like you.

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Get the Recognition You Deserve!