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IHMM represents America's premier professional credential certification organization that has certified more than 17,000 professionals in the areas of hazardous materials management, dangerous goods transportation. health, and safety. With more than 800,000 movements of hazardous materials in America each day, IHMM raises the standards of professional conduct in our communities of practice and provides greater protection of the environment, our communities and our citizens. When your media outlet is covering a hazardous materials incident and you need a professional, unbiased, and expert view of the incident - contact IHMM. We will help you from the Washington, D.C. region and will do our best to locate a local expert for your interview. Download our Media Kit using the link below.


Hazardous Material Management Professionals. IHMM tackles today’s most relevant issues, gathered from sources like The National Law Review, The Federal Register, The Associated Press, The New York Times, Financial Times and the leading industry publications - in addition to the articles developed by IHMM staff and certificants. Delivered to the inboxes of hazardous material management professionals, the IHMM Today keeps professionals informed of topics that impact their programs. Subscribers are decision-makers with purchasing power – the top-tier professionals in the industry.


....targeted distribution... Advertising with IHMM allows your company to reach hazardous materials, dangerous goods, health, safety and environmental decision makers.
....credible source...For more than 35 years our certificants have turned to IHMM as the informational authority of the hazardous materials management industry. IHMM Today is the credible source of information.
....affordable...Advertising in IHMM Today is less expensive than most internet-based advertising, and much less expensive than television or radio.