Honorary Designations

The Institute recognizes those Certified Hazardous Materials Managers who have made outstanding contributions to the field of hazardous materials management and/or to the credential by conferring the following honorary designations.

Distinguished Diplomates

The Distinguished Diplomate designation is awarded only to Fellows of the Institute who have contributed noticeably and substantively to the field of hazardous materials management or to the credentials.

IHMM Board of Directors

IHMM Directors and Officers are volunteers who serve without pay. They may serve up to two, four-year terms. Directors are responsible for the governance of IHMM, including establishing overall direction of IHMM, appointment of executive personnel, policy-making, and financial management.

Credential Recognition

One way to measure the quality of a certification program is to evaluate its accreditation status. Accreditation is a form of certification for the certifying organization, requiring conformance with standards of validity, reliability and impartiality.


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